Nathan Joseph - Renaissance Man
1939 - 2005

A Pioneer Of Britain's Independent Record Industry
A Respected Producer And Agent in British Theatre

London - September 1st 2005.

The death has been announced in London of Nathan Joseph (widely known as Nat Joseph). The 66 year-old Joseph was a Renaissance man who had two distinct, equally successful careers in the world of British arts and entertainment.

Between 1961 and 1977 he was a pioneer in the British record industry - starting and developing Transatlantic Records - that for several years was Britain's most successful fully-independent record company. It was the prototype for Virgin, Island, Chrysalis, Charisma, Immediate and the myriad other record labels that followed in its wake. Joseph is credited with discovering and recording many of Britain's most critically-acclaimed artists of the 60's and 70's and his company was the leading importer of the American roots music that influenced a generation of British musicians. Just 16 years after he started the company - at the peak of its success - he left to pursue another of his great passions in life - The Theatre.

In 1978 Joseph embarked on his new career. Over the next 25 years he became one of Britain's most respected theatre producers and agents - presenting challenging new plays in Britain and on Broadway - and representing the cream of the new wave of British directors, stage designers and lighting designers - as well as eminent playwrights such as Arnold Wesker.

The common thread to Joseph's work in the record industry and the theatre world was his intuitive ability to identify, nurture and promote creative talent. Over a 40-year span Joseph was credited with discovering numerous influential musicians (in multiple musical genres), songwriters, comedians, stage designers and directors - and then promoting them to worldwide attention.

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